SUP FOOLS!!!!!! Its been a minute but we have some special shit going on today!! Welcome Kern Haug to the show!! Im excited to have Kern co host the show with me its a very natural wonderful progression for TalkFool. In todays news we talk about the architects of the Robotic uprising and the human resistance against the recognition of animal intelligence. Our very special guests today are Felix and Ignat from Wreck & Reference about the joys of recording, huffing dead animals and how to make cool rock music without the guitars CRAZY I KNOW!! This is seriously one of my favorite bands and some of the most interesting fools Ive had the pleasure to kidnap. Aight my dawgs ENJOY!!

ASSS-Taxi Helms

DUST- Tell Me

YOUTH CODE- The Dust of Fallen Rome



ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE…ickling-apes.html


Celia Cruz Augusta, GA
Javon Kellogg Detroit, MI
Edward Bostock New South Whales AUS
Mohammad Abassi Roswell, GA